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Radiant Barrier

About Our ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier:

Our Premium ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier is made of 99% pure reflective aluminum. It is composed of a five-layer system:

History of the product:

Radiant barrier was originally designed for NASA by Wright Laboratories in the 1950s as a super-insulation for use in space. They learned that reflecting the heat back to its source was the most efficient design to reduce heat transference. The radiant barrier does not absorb heat like typical “R” value insulation such as batted and blown-in insulation; rather, it reflects and blocks both radiant and convective heat.

The radiant barrier has changed a lot since the 1950s. Some of the earlier products were non-perforated and single-sided, which reduced their emissivity and created moisture barriers, which often lead to mold and mildew. It was also easy to tear and offered no fire rating.

By the 1980s, the radiant barrier was more durable, two-sided, and laser perforated, which allowed moisture to pass through. Although it was enormously effective with an emissivity rating of 97%, its glue-bonded structure led to layer separation after only 10-15 years of use, greatly degrading its utility and its fire code rating. Further, the laser perforation was sometimes inconsistent, causing some areas of the product to trap moisture.

Today’s Product:

Our ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier is extremely durable and two-sided. It is machine perforated, which ensures that it does not create an unfavorable moisture barrier. It is also vacuum sealed, which eliminates layer separation. It passes all current Class 1 / Class A fire codes.


Our ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier comes with a limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty, effective for the duration of ownership by the current owner and one subsequent transferee owner. For full details, please contact us.


New home construction:

‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier is most effective at reducing utility costs if installed during new home construction to the inside of all exterior walls and bottom of all ceiling joists, just prior to sheetrock installation. Customers have reported their utility bills as being 50-60% less than their neighbors with similar homes without ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier.

Existing Home Use (Retro-Fit):

‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier, when installed into existing homes, can reduce average utility bills by 20-30%. Installation in existing homes or “retro-fit” installation is typically done in one of two methods: 1) over your ceiling trusses, attic decking, and existing blown-in and/or batted insulation or 2) along your home’s rafters. Both methods have proven effective in reflecting summer heat, and Taurus Roofing and General Contracting can install using either method, based on customer preference. However, Texas Roofing and General Contracting recommends the first method:

Commercial Use:

Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier provides similar utility savings when installed in commercial buildings. For shingle-roofed commercial buildings, the installation methods and considerations are similar to residential. For metal-roofed buildings, Taurus Roofing and General Contracting offers a Green Shield ‘Double-Bubble’ Radiant Barrier. This product offers similar benefits as the standard ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier but can be applied directly to metal roofs and walls. Taurus Roofing and General Contracting has used the product to insulate warehouses, ice hockey rinks, storage rooms, auto shops, and more. We are also able to insulate over drop ceilings. Contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How much will I see in utility savings with ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier?

This is the most common question in regard to our radiant barrier products. The answer depends on many variables. Do you have a pool? How many A/C units does your house have? Is it a one-story, two-story, or more? How many people live in the home, or how many people work in the commercial property? Which application method would you prefer? Each of these variables can substantively impact the amount of utility savings.

With that in mind, the average reported utility savings is 40-60% for new home construction (using installation methods described above) and 20-40% for retro-fit into existing homes or commercial properties.

Why are the savings so high? Up to 72% of your utility bill comes from heating and cooling. By reducing heat transference (keeping heat out during summer and in during winter), ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier helps to reduce the workload on your HVAC system(s) by up to 50%. They can run less often and for shorter durations, reducing their energy consumption. This also greatly assists in extending the life of your HVAC system(s).

What is the cost to have Taurus Roofing and General Contracting install ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier?

The typical cost for installation of ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier is less than $1.00 per square foot, which includes material, labor, and the accompanying limited, transferable Lifetime Warranty. Actual costs will vary, depending on the property to be insulated, type of product to be used, and preferred installation method.

How soon will ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier pay for itself?

While results will vary, ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier will typically pay for itself in 18 to 24 month, after which the customer will enjoy indefinite utility savings.

How can I get an estimate?

Taurus Roofing and General Contracting offers FREE in-home estimates. A highly trained insulation specialist will visit with you at your home, take measurements, and provide you with a written, no-obligation estimate. Simply contact us to request an estimate.

How long does it take to install?

Taurus Roofing and General Contracting’s installation specialists can complete a typical home install in less than one day – in most cases in less than five hours.

When is payment due and what payment options are available?

Taurus Roofing and General Contracting requests a 20% deposit at contract acceptance. The remaining is not due until installation is complete. Payment options include credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), check, or online bank transfer. Financing is available on approved credit, terms, and conditions. Please contact us for details or to apply for financing.

Our ‘Green Shield’ Radiant Barrier:


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